4 Steps: Who is tweeting my blog?

Ever wondered why some tweets come along with the twitter name of the blog owner and others not?
It is not magic to add your own twitter ID to your own self hosted blog.

Step 1

Go to your Dashboard

Scroll all the way down until you find the plugin of your social media service.
I am using “Shareholic” and the “SexyBookMarks”.

Step 2

Open the settings of your social media plugin.
Scroll down to Twitter Options – I bet there is something similar in any social media plugin.

Step 3

Go to Configure Custom Tweet Template
I am given the option not only to enter my twitter name @HelzDesign but also to enter a custom title – usually it takes the title of my blogpost – and to use a short-link, which allows me more characters for the rest of the tweet and makes it easier for my followers to RT. I also added a hashtag behind my twittername.

Step 4

Chose the Short Link Service!

Your turn – change your twitter options!
Now everybody will know who’s blog you are sharing.


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11 thoughts on “4 Steps: Who is tweeting my blog?

  1. akismet-1b7baf1db91548f2efc8e6801ea7b2c9 on said:

    Reblogged this on Xocolatchic and commented:
    Helen is great again!

  2. Brilliant Helen! A superbly helpful post for us non-techies!

    • you see most things are quite easy … you just have to know where to find the spots to change them.
      so thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Excellent post, thanks for the great tips… even this non-techy was able to follow them! 😉

    • you are very welcome ruth 🙂
      i like to present techy tips the way a self-declared non-techy is able to follow 🙂

  4. I have those settings, but much prefer when folks tweet their own thoughts about the blogs. 1 It gives one a better sense of the material (since you can see three or four different points from the blog). And, 2- I detest cookie cutter thoughts…

    • i like the way you are playing with words concerning the blog-tweeting.
      what i personally hate is when i am tweeting the fantastic blog of a lovely person and the tweet says: @sharetweetbutton or something like that … actual anything but not the twitter name of that great person.

  5. Loving the tips – how do I add the Pinterest button? Next weeks post maybe 😉

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