Pin the Love … in 6 easy Steps

Social Media is all over the Internet and I have the feeling that new platforms grow around us like weed in the garden.
I am not saying that the new platforms are weed or crap … no way. They are good, great, fun and maybe even necessary. And our readers want to share our thoughts with the new platforms.

So today we are talking about one of the brand new kids on the blog: Pinterest.
People are in love with Pinterest, they are crazy about it … everybody wants to pin.

Why not? Let us give them the chance to pin this article. Give them a pin-button among Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn:

And you guess it already: it is easy … it is WordPress!

Setting up the Pin-Button

1. We start where it always starts … the Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to Settings!

3. Chose Sharing … that’s what we want to do, we are going to share the love!

You find a good amount of sharing-buttons.

4. Drag the the buttons you like to the field: enable services.

Don’t forget the little red Pinterest button.

There they are … you can even influence the line up.

5. Chose button style … I recommend only button, without any text!
You can even chose a text for the sharing label and how the links will be open and the stuff you allow to share!

6. Don’t forget to save your work!

Looks nice our little red Pinterest Button 🙂

Extra Tips:

Number 1

You can always add new Social Media … just click “Add new Service

Enter Name – enter URL – enter the URL of the Button (you have to upload the button somewhere, which can be your own media library!)

Creating such a button for an upcoming service  – give me a shout!

Hit Create Share Button … and bingo the new button will appear in the “Available Services”–Zone

Number 2

For the self hosted WordPress blogs … I love the plugin Shareaholic and SexyBookmarks … see the great Variety of Social Media Services they provide. And Pinterest is there too.

Need another tip?
Tell me about it!


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21 thoughts on “Pin the Love … in 6 easy Steps

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  2. carolinaheartstrings on said:

    Cool…. I’ll be passing this on to the “techy” half of CHS.

  3. Excellent breakdown for the beginner, Helen! It took me a while to jump onboard with Pinterest, but I’m loving it.

  4. Hi Helen,

    I get a decent amount of traffic from Pinterest when the image is quirky or cute. It’s true that it performs best for cooking and fashion.

    Thanks for the step by step, and taking care of those on wordpress.com!


    • do people pin your picture? or do you pin it?
      thanks for stopping by dee 🙂

      • Both.

        I’ve only added the PinIt button to my share bar last week – you have a good point, I must check if others have pinned directly from the blog.

        I usually pin the image from the blog post as part of promoting. Some get repinned by others multiple times, which is where the traffic comes from.


  5. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    That’s what I thought but then I started pinning links to my blog – nothing to do with anything crafty or visual except that I usually include one of my photos to illustrate the blog, and had a fair bit of interest and some interesting repins. Also, I pin photos some I like some that are my own, and whenever I get a repin (of which there have been many) then that’s more exposure for me, right?

  6. This jury is still out on Pinterest. Unless you are a homemaking, crafting, schooling or fashion/design oriented site, I’m not sure how effective it truly is.

    • personally i am also ambivalent with pinterest. but i am also not in stumbler or digg or how ever they are all called … but yet i offer my readers these buttons for their convenience

  7. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Done! Thanks!

  8. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Thans, Helen. Really useful post

  9. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    Easy to follow steps to add the newest in social media. Thanks Helen.

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