Happy Pentecost my friends.

Summer is close and spring is running smoothly.
For my dad, Pentecost was a lovely feast, and each  Pentecost morning he greeted us: “Pentecost the lovely feast arrived!”
In my hometown one of the biggest Pentecost events in the whole of Germany takes place:

Mendener Pfingstkirmes

A parish fair, that origins in 1726. Usually Catholic Churches in Germany have huge Processions at Pentecost and usually some parishes had a kind of market for that occasions. In Menden it has been a “Krammarkt” – kind of clobber market.

Nowadays the fair  – we call it Kirmes, and I also found a nice English word:;  Kermess – is set up all over downtown Menden. More than 200 carnies built up roundabouts, candy shops, ice cream stalls … anything you need for a lovely fair on a lovely feast.

We even have a big ferries wheel and an old fashioned Kermess organ :).

Enjoy the show.

Children Roundabout

Right: Old Townhall – straight ahead: Fair

Small Ferries Wheel

Big Ferris Wheel

Big Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel from a hilly Park “Wilhelmshöhe”

Hauptstrasse – Mainstreet

Old Kirmes Organ


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3 thoughts on “Fun…Fair…Kermess…Kirmes

  1. Lovely photos! I love a fun fair 🙂

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