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Are you a bit overwhelmed with all that Social Media stuff?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or the new kid on the block … Pinterest.

To many platforms want to be served. Promoting a lovely blogpost can become a pretty challenge depending on the number of platforms you have to think of.
Especially Facebook has too many different places right now … personal profile, business page, several groups … dear me … I have to confess: sometimes I am lost!

But we don’t have to be lost. There is a little bird that wants to help. The little owl, which is the symbol of a wonderful platform called hootsuite.

I am addicted to hootsuite. It makes my life, especially my twitter life so much easier.

Even the free, basic account allows me to manage FIVE different social media platforms. Ok my fanpage and a facebook group count as two platforms. But that’s not bad!
Five different platforms.

You can add RSS feeds, schedule messages and get free quick reports.

$9.99 gives you unlimited profiles and many more. You can even book a personal enterprise package, which is tailored to your needs. That can be really expensive.

My hootsuite hotty is scheduling a post, can be life saving now and then.

But lets have a closer look at the procedure.

We have set up an account and now we are connecting to our social media profiles.

This is the welcome screen. Just click on the different buttons, it is quite easy and somehow self telling how to use hootsuite.

Add a Social Network

Just click on it and choose among the options hootsuite offers.

Each option connects easily with your existing profile!

If you have already set up profiles you can add new profiles any time.

I have set up my twitter account, my facebook personal profile, my linkedin profile, my facebook business page and a facebook group!

It is really pretty easy!

Managing Profiles

All profiles are lined up as different tabs on your hootsuite dashboard.

You can easily access them any time! And they update automatically.

Each profile allows you different streams.

My twitter tab includes Send TweetsMentions, Home Feed – that’s the normal Twitter Feed, Scheduled Tweets, Direct Messages and several regular searches. Yes you can even save twitter searches as a tab for direct access! That’s cool right?

Really a couple of months ago, twitter was kind of social media pet peeves for me. I had set up an account a while ago, but … uhhuuuuh … it was so confusing.

Than a lovely friend recommended hootsuite … and boom … I was addicted. It is great that I have my Mention-Tab. Now I don’t miss anymore a tweet that is part of a conversation. I don’t have to search my own tweets, they are right there in the Send Tweets tab. You can retweet and reply just the way you are used to it.

You can set up different streams for each profile.

They differ a bit, depending what the social media platform allows. My facebook section looks a bit different. News Feed, Wall Posts, Status Updates, Photos … you can also add Events and Scheduled Messages.


Comparing the different pictures you will recognize that you always have direct access to a part called “composing message”.

That’s where you add your message. Just type directly into the blank field. Add a photo or location, schedule it and choose the profile to send it. Links will be added in a shorten form.

For me Scheduling it the key. You can schedule any message any time for any profile.

Today May 29th 2012 I can schedule my Christmas wishes for 2012, 2013 or even 2050, if I like.

One message can be posted simultaneously on any profile I have set up, at any time.

So you can tweet and send Facebook status messages even while you are sleeping or on holidays.

That’s true advantage for me.

How do you handle your different social media profiles?

Need a tip? Just drop me a line!


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  2. Thanks for sharing Helen! Quite the thoughtful and informative post. We’re glad to hear about your addiction. 🙂

    Let us know if we can help with anything.

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