Hollywood calling … 8 easy steps

 I’ll take you to the movies … at least I will take your blog to the movie.
Grab your popcorn and your coke and here we go.

My dear friend Ruth Seba of Sebasilver asked me how to embed a youtube-clip to her blog post.

As you might guess: it is not complicated, you just have to know how!

Some wordpress installations allow you to embed your own video clips, they can be uploaded – depending on the maximum upload size – just similar to photos. Youtube has been already uploaded.

  1. Go to youtube and chose your favorite video
  2. Open Share-window

Right underneath the clip you will find a little button called Share – please click it.

A little window underneath your clip opens with your share options.

At first you will find the URL of the very clip, the embed button, an email button, and some social media buttons.

For our purpose we need the embed button.

  1. Click embed button.

Underneath the embed-button you will now find a html-code.

You can change this code by changing the dimensions of the video-clip.

  1. Choose video-size

  1. Copy html-code

The html-code we need will always start with <iframe …  and end with </iframe>

The stuff inside the code tells  your wordpress-application: go to youtube and find the video which is called: URL of the video, set it up with a width of 420 pixel and a height of 315 pixel and no border (frameborder = 0) and allow a full screen version. That’s all.

  1. Open your wordpress-blog

Now open your wordpress blog and add a new post.

Today you won’t set up your post in your standard visual mode – you can switch back after you have inserted your video-code.

  1. Insert video-html-code

Now paste the copied html-code into the open post-window.

  1. Don’t worry about visual mode

If you switch back to visual mode, don’t worry.

It is ok just to see a yellow square.

If you click to preview the post, it will look all right. A wonderful youtube-video right in your wordpress-home.

Now go and practice a little and send me comments with links to blogposts with embedded videos.

I’ll get myself some popcorn and dance a little to the song of this Berlin country band BossHoss performing one of the most popular ice-cream advertising songs in Germany:


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11 thoughts on “Hollywood calling … 8 easy steps

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  2. Helen, we often have issues after we’ve got the post ready and previewed. If it stays in draft mode and one of us previews it often the video disappears. Do you ever have this happen?


    • actually not … maybe because i am the only author of this blog and don.t review my posts that often.
      maybe a glitch of wordpress?

  3. Wouldn’t you know it the video I wanted to add says : embeding disabled by request!

  4. Oh just in time! thank you :)was thinking to try add a video to my next turkish wedding story. will give it a try

  5. LIKE!!! Will try and send u a link. Cheers

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