5 easy Steps … Blogging with Word


We all like a good structured post with some headlines.
So much easier to read!

Yes you can write your post in the entry-mask of your wordpress, and than add all the formats like headlines, colors, lists or quotes.

There is a much easier way to do it.

Just use the text editor of your trust … maybe Word or OpenOffice.
Extra bonus: whenever your wordpress might crash you will have all your posts stored on your hard disk – I know that you all do regular backups!

Step 1

Write your post and format it with your text processing program.

It might look like this:

Select the whole text and copy it right into the memory of your computer.

Step 2

Open your wordpress and click on extended formatting button … if you haven’t done that before.
You will find it right at the end of formatting line 1:

It will open a second line with more options.

Certainly you can insert the copied text right into your entry mask, but all the formatting will be lost then.

There is a little button

which allows you to insert text without formats. Which might be helpful if the formats are confusing.

Step 3

We are interested in the little button with the W on it:

When you hover over it, it tells you: “Paste from Word”.

Click it.

A window will open:

Insert your copied text:

You can delete all the stuff that appears above your headline.
That’s just some system internal notes we won’t need for our blog post.

You can also copy the headline and insert it into the title space of your blog post.

Don’t be afraid, when after clicking the “Insert” button more system control stuff will appear.
It tells you about the used fonts etc. – your wordpress template will use its own fonts and that stuff won’t influence it. So delete it.

Step 4

You see that headlines are there … just the colors are missing.

So mark your headlines and add the colors with the color picker.

Step 5

Now you have to add your pictures, schedule your post and you are done!


Need more tips?
Tell me how I can help you by leaving a comment.

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6 thoughts on “5 easy Steps … Blogging with Word

  1. I did not know you could write in Word then copy/paste the text in WordPress. Thank you for the useful information. I’ll have to try it! I’m used to writing my posts is the new post box. What are the advantages of writing them in Word, other than being able to save the content on your computer?

    • thanks for stopping by.
      one advantage to me is speed … when i write a short post directly in wordpress and my teenage son is watching tons of youtube videos on his pc my bandwidth gets down, me gets nuts and a post of 2 lines and a photo takes me ages.
      word is always offline and not depending on teenage absence and bandwidth 😉

  2. Great advice. I always write my blogs in Word and then paste them into WP. I have total control and can use multiple windows to compare and contrast the publications.

  3. Xocolatchic on said:

    Liked and shared…how are you?!

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