Marketing Musings

As a small business owner you are always thinking about marketing.
At first I thought it was about getting new customers, which is also true, but really it is about marketing.

Marketing is a constant activity, telling people: “hey I am still here, may I help you?”

I guess the online branch with blogging, twitter, facebook, several challenges and also pinterest works pretty well, so far.

But … surprise … there is still an offline branch. And actually that is the branch where work and life plays. As a graphic designer I am working constantly with my computer, so online is always just a click away. So I usually tend to forget about the outside world.

So last week I tried to focus myself more on the outside world.

How can I do a simple but remarkable action in the offline world?

Beside all the wonderful ideas about networking, talking, holding lectures, doing more networking, even attending certain events …

… so I came up with this:

Going to buy some oranges … yes I love them and I love the color.

Printing some banderoles … can do that with my printer.

The banderoles are going to say:

Gutes Design ist  alles, das beste liefert die Natur, den Rest macht Helz-Design
Everybody needs good design, the best one is made by nature, anything else is done by Helz-Design

Yes I am going to do the first ones all in German.

How will the customer know what I am doing?

I will produce some samples and burn them on CD, the CD will be wrapped and the orange will be placed on the CD, then everything is wrapped in transparent foile, tide up with some lovely gift ribbon. I will tide one of the bookmarks at the gift ribbon too.

Then you will find me strolling around Berlin … visiting school principals with my orange gift, attending with a special basket certain events and bringing joy to the marketeer world … hopefully.

What kind of offline marketing are you doing?
Some great ideas you would like to share?

Leave me a line!

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13 thoughts on “Marketing Musings

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  4. Helen, I simply adore your idea! Definitely share an update on your results.

    • thank you 🙂
      i will tell you updates.
      guess the major reach of this idea will happen in august and september, when scholl will start again.

  5. Wow! love it! what a great idea!

    • thanks dianne
      considering all the wow i hear about that idea … it must be really something 🙂
      btw. do you think there is a chance to knit some oranges? maybe i can make nice xmas prezzies for my customers with home-knitted oranges … although it sounds a bit awkward

  6. So here’s where the language barrier escalates. I don’t know the word in German, but you could add – for your English marketing. and like nothing rhymes with orange, rendering it one of a kind, no one else holds a candle to HelzDesign

    • some friends came up with:

      if you love a good design
      what nature offers is quite fine
      the rest is done
      by us, the one
      and truly only helz-design

      What mother nature well designed
      Can be improved by Helz-Design


      Good design guide:
      Mother nature does her best
      and Helz-Design will do the rest

      will take me a while until i am able to hand out my oranges in the usa or uk
      thanks for the idea roy 🙂

  7. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Great ideas – go, Helen!

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