TipTuesday: A real library

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Germany is on summer holidays, unfortunately it doesn’t mean that Helen is on holidays too. But now and then I have to get away a bit.

One way of getting away is: going to the library.

Some might ask: why going to a library when you have access to the world knowledge via Internet.
A library is different than the Internet. I can get completely lost while surfing the web and also while strolling around in the library.

Doing some research, strolling around in books … yes it is like a walk in the park.
Chatting with the library assistant and finally taking all the lovely books home with me.

It is relaxing and really a mini vacation for me.
So my tip for today: go and visit your local library!

What do you do to escape for a minute?


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8 thoughts on “TipTuesday: A real library

  1. I am fortunate that my local public library is in walking distance of my job. At least twice a week I find myself heading there to get away from things, to get some fresh air, to enjoy the quiet and to look for a good book to read. I love libraries, always have, always will.

  2. I love visiting the library. We have been taking the boys ever since they showed interest in their little board books. As they out grow their books we donate them to the local library as well. 🙂 Great tip!

    • hopefully the boys will remain being interested in the library.
      my son doesn.t like to come with me to the library, although he grew up seeing his mom and dad layouting books.
      lovely that you donate the outgrown books to the library 🙂

  3. I love your tip! I enjoy the library so much. Touching and smelling all those books. Yum, nothing better in life then a comfy chair and a book.

  4. I miss going to the library, we do have book swamps amongst the expats living here but it’s not the same.

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