Women’s Wednesday – Create your own world


When being on the UltimateBlogChallenge there is no room for my usual “Wordless Wednesday”.

So this month you will read on a Wednesday about women, hopefully interviews … drop me a line if you want to get featured … or my musing about quotes by famous women.

Today I am attracted by a wonderful quote by Anais Nin:

How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.” – Anais Nin


Isn’t this fantastic?

What does it mean to me? Or to you?

It is quite simple: don’t wait until somebody else does it, just do it by yourself and for yourself.

In modern times nobody should depend on somebody else to create her own world.

Be master of your dreams and make them come true.


I am not against men. I truly love them, but I don’t want to depend on anybody!

And sorry, this post is a day to late … yesterday I was too busy creating my world.


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6 thoughts on “Women’s Wednesday – Create your own world

  1. I like this one — I’ve also always been a ‘do it myself’ type of gal. When I moved out of my parents house I was determined to make all the big ‘home/house’ type purchases before that required a man’s input… *giggles*

    • did you manage to make the big type purchases before the very man appeared on the scene?
      btw. interestingly no male comments

  2. I’ve always been independent even as a child. I’d much rather do it myself than wait for anyone 🙂

    • thanks dianne
      i can.t imagine you different than being independent 🙂 … lets do it ourself nobody else will do it !

  3. So true. The problem with allowing someone else to create your world is that they’ll always come up with the world they think you want, rather than the one you really want! Enjoyed reading your post.

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