Bridge over un-troubled Water

This lovely and scenic bridge was shot in the Lüneburg Heath.

Usually people think in terms of purple of the heath, which resembles the blossom of the heath. Besides that it is a wonderful green area in the north of Germany. I am a huge fan of the flat countryside in the northern part of my home country.

Some people think that this is pretty boring, but to me it is relaxing and sometimes breath taking. Especially when you are very close to the seashore.

This area is great not only for hiking, but for biking too. A friend of mine likes to explore the heath with her horse.


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9 thoughts on “Bridge over un-troubled Water

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  2. Oh, that would be a lovely place to visit–not boring at all.

  3. Looks so peaceful. Could sure use more “untroubled waters” in this world!

  4. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:


  5. Looks like a nice walk.

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