Yes it should be a tip today. I know.
But I would like to invite you to play a little game with me.
You all know those pictures, where they built in some mistakes or different stuff compared to the original.
This is one … made by me. It shows a wonderful view over some parts of the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. I had the pleasure to take the picture while visiting a wonderful friend, who is living high above the roofs.
So left is the original one and right is the tweaked one.
I have built in 10 “mistakes” … look for them and send me a tweet. Share the game … so lets see how much play.
To count the players: just leave a comment that you have send me a tweet.
Have fun – solution will be next tuesday!


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29 thoughts on “Game

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  4. Fun. I only found 7, though it’s possible that two of them count as multiples. I’ve mostly abandoned my twitter feed, though.

  5. I can only find 6-8 (same tree)….good post though!

  6. Love it and shared!!!

  7. I too only found six – though I don’t doubt your count! Embarrassed to say I scour these in the back of People magazine while getting me hair cut! They’re just fun.

  8. I found 8, but I’m thinking that “one” of them is actually “three” (in a tree).

  9. it might help to open the picture in an extra tab or window!

    • draco18s on said:

      Actually, I used Fancy Layering in…ok, it was Paint and I copy-pasted the right half over the left and undid it in rapid succession. I found the same “eight” I’d already had, which meant I found all 10.

  10. How fun – I used to love doing these as a child – only found 6 – but will try when I have more time!

  11. Now I can find seven, unless “one” of them is really four…

  12. So far, without glasses, I find four.

  13. Great post! can only find 7 will check back later when I’m more awake lol 🙂 tweeted!

  14. Cool idea. I don’t tweet. I am going to save this for the morning when I am more alert and send you an email.


  15. I can only find 6 though. What a creative post idea, Helen. I like it! 🙂

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