Kitty Fonts

One of the strengths of Helz-Design is our quality controlling.

All outgoing products are carefully watched by our control-assistant Sunny.

You see success brings a happy smile to his face.

Today he is celebrating his 6th birthday and since we have FontFriday I thought it is a good idea to honor him by showing you some cat-shaped-fonts.
Use them to bring a happy smile into the face of the one who gets your cards …
They are not so much for business use but I guess you will get some nice ideas …




Cat vs Dog


Happy Birthday Sunny


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6 thoughts on “Kitty Fonts

  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful companion! and I LOVE the kitty fonts!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Sunny! Love these fun fonts! I’m sending this link to a friend who blogs about cats!

  3. Meow! Happy birthday Sunny! Guess you and the cat can share some cake! Love the fonts especially the second one down that looks very Halloweeny-ish. Hmmm. Spell checker is hating Halloweeny-ish…

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