Top10Commented Blog Posts

A lazy review? I hope not. Sometimes it is nice just to browse the blog and see what worked best and what not.

What worked best are the posts that not only bring traffic, but also lovely comments and interactions.

So today I have a quick look into the posts with the most comments during the last months.

The posts you liked best:

Hold your breath – GASP  16 comments

How to make your picture feel comfortable  16 comments

Why shall I use different Fonts and Typefaces? 16 comments

Commenting or not commenting? 17 comments

The Magic of Colors … Cyan 17 comments

How to lose the blogging mojo and get it back again 18 comments

5 Models to Color your life 19 comments

Blogging via Schedule 20 comments

Pin the Love … in 6 easy Steps 20 comments

Game 26 comments

Thank you for all your kind words and all the fun we have together 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Top10Commented Blog Posts

  1. Great idea to write a round up post Helen!
    I’ve read and loved many of these posts!

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