Special Saturday Solution


I am still thrilled how many people have been attracted by the little game I had set up on Tuesday. Amazing Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thanks a bunch for all the nice comments, thanks a bunch for all the lovely tweets and ReTweets.  Much much appreciated.

And now the solution.

There have been 10 mistakes, maybe some have not be quite clear or could have been mistaken for one. Just have a look at the solution pic.

  1. Took away a chimney;
  2. Added a Star;
  3. Colored a window orange;
  4. Colored another window orange;
  5. Added an orange dot to the tree;
  6. Added an orange dot to the tree;
  7. Added an orange dot to the tree;
  8. Put up my graffiti take on the wall;
  9. Colored the roof tile;
  10. Took out something I don’t know how it is called … neither in German nor in English.


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