Familiar, old Alleys

Some of you know that my origins, my roots are in an old town in western Germany. This town was founded somewhat in the 8th century and gained town privilege in 1275.

As all towns and cities, old houses will be demolished at times to create space for new houses. So I guess you will hardly find houses from the 8th century in Menden, but some places are at least older than 200 years.

They have been able to maintain the old road map with the small alleys … which I really appreciate.

Left a new building … right a old building

Left part of a baker shop built somewhat in the 1950s … middle house about 200 years of age … right oldest building from about 1600.




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4 thoughts on “Familiar, old Alleys

  1. Lovely post Helen. I love old towns with character

    • thank you dianne
      some towns in your area have much more character … as far as i learned recently 🙂 just saying ephessos 🙂

  2. codiart on said:

    Hi Helen, I like this post about the lovely old towns and buildings, here in Roermond we still have a few of them too.

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