Reduce the Stress … set up E-Mail Folders

Yesterday I ranted a little about not responding to e-mails.

I know we are all busy busy people, some might forget to reply to emails, they have already read.

  1. I know I would be one of them. So I just help myself.
    When I think I need to go back to the email later, I read it and mark it again as unread … so my email program reminds me somehow.
  2. I use an email client … in my case “Mail” by Apple. (Yes I am one of those Mac-Addicted).
    But there are other email-client programs like: Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus’s Notes …
    Actually I never use web-based email clients … I have several email addresses: some related with my domains, others hosted by google or yahoo. My email-client allows me to access them at the same time via POP3 or IMAP.
  3. I have set up several folders in my mail-client

    You see several email addys and several folders.
    The program feeds the folders automatically by
  4. …setting up rules for the folders:
    In the menu go to “Mailbox” … choose “New Mailbox

    Choose a name for your mailbox like “Work” or “Customer X”.
  5. Then go to Menu “Mail” “Settings” and choose  “Rules”.

    You can “Add Rule” or “Edit” them etc.
  6. Add Rule

    Choose a name for your rule
    “Customer X
    Now you have to tell the program what it should do.
    In my case “If an email contains the name@customer.com move the email to mailbox customer x”
    So the incoming mail includes the email-addy of a certain customer, so the mail will be moved to the box of that very customer.


Quite easy, right?
And I am sure you can do that with any other email-client too. As far as I am informed even yahoo or googlemail offer a similar service.



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11 thoughts on “Reduce the Stress … set up E-Mail Folders

  1. Great ideas, Helen. I’m using Apple Mail, too, and I find “smart mailboxes” useful for several purposes, especially checking quickly to see if I received email from particular people or about a particular subject. BTW, are you familiar with http://inboxzero.com/ ?

  2. Wonderful ideas, Helen. I use Apple Mail, too, and find “smart mailboxes” handy for several purposes, including checking quickly to see if I’ve received anything from certain senders or about certain subjects. BTW, are you familiar with http://inboxzero.com/ ?

  3. I don’t sort my mail by recipient or sender. I sort it by subject. I can always find the recipient or sender- it’s the subject that needs more study, as far as I am concerned.

    • nice stuff is, that you can set up the rules just as you need them.
      if the sender is well structured and sets up perfect subject-lines, it will work great too.

  4. I don’t think I could live without my folders and rules. (I use Yahoo, so they’re called filters, but same thing.) Anyway, I am one of the few folks who don’t mind getting a bunch of advertising messages and such from the places I shop/eat/whatever, so my inbox is always full of a bunch of junk. And, I’m not very good about deleting, as you never know when you might want to use that coupon or whatever. 😉 So, all my important mail has to be filtered into folders, or I’d never be able to find what I really wanted to read or re-read/reply to.

    • i am also folder addicted.
      before i switched to apple-mail i used outlook, set up folders there too, was time of mailing lists (very much pre-facebook and blogging) and when we did the switch i was worried about my folders, but everything was imported properly!

  5. I have folders set up in my Thunderbird, but I don’t set rules to have new messages sorted for me. About once a week or so, any emails I have not yet deleted get sorted for saving. At this point, I move the stuff I want to keep into specific folders, so I can find it later, or if the message is useless now, I just delete it.
    I probably should set up rules and have messages go directly into certain folders… I’m sure I could spend a whole day reconfiguring and reorganizing Thunderbird…

    • not sure about thunderbird.
      for mail it was quite easy and just a few minutes now and then.
      i can only recommend it! saves a lot of time 🙂

  6. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    This is a great tip. I need to do that with incoming email. I have the system set up for emails I want to keep after I have read them. But if they went into a system before hand that would help too.

    • it made my life so much easier when i figured out how to set up folder and rules etc. for my emails.
      so do it shawn 🙂

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