Women’s Wednesday on Strength and Weakness

Are we still teaching our children to be real men and real women, instead of being real humans?
Is it still inappropriate for a man to cry, to show feelings, to be weak?
And is a woman not a real woman when she is tough, knows what she wants and is able to care for herself?

I am just wondering and asking myself these questions.
Some people are still so full of overcome thoughts, ideas and even prejudice, which is hard to believe.

When I look around at the school of my son, I get the idea that these ideas are still working. Boys have to become men early and peers tell them what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. Where do they get these ideas from? Parents, grandparents and teachers, or maybe from  ads, shows and movies on TV.

Same goes for girls. They are taught to dress up stylish and be a little princess.
Some girl tell each other that they should not only show no strength but also no brain.

We live in the 21st century, we came so far that women are ruling countries as chancellors or prime ministers, that they serve in positions like secretary of state, they manage big companies but yet little girls and little boys are taught that a girl should not be strong and a boy should not be weak.

Is this really the world we like to live in?


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2 thoughts on “Women’s Wednesday on Strength and Weakness

  1. I want to live in a world where manners are returned and children regardless of gender are taught to respect one another.

    • not only children should respect each other, also adults and adult-children … mutual respect on all levels, which means also polite behavior towards each other. 🙂

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