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A transatlantic think-tank made up their minds recently. Melissa Barham of Barham VA posts about her favorite WordPress and web tools this month. So while commenting her blog I suddenly knew my top item of this week. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to introduce you to HootSuite, THAT social media hot tool for making life so much easier.

And they made my life much more easier this week. When logging into HootSuite last Monday I was asked if I would like to install a little add-on called Hootlet.

Yes why not, I love add-ons, although my FireFox can’t get updated anymore due to Operating System of my Mac. But the add-on installed itself perfectly.

You can see the little owl right on top of my menu bar, next to the Shareholic button.

I enlarged it a bit for you!

Now whenever I read an article or blog post, which I want to share, I click the owl.

A little pop up window opens.

I can choose the network(s) with which I would like to share the content.

There is already text in the text box, like title of the article and shortened URL. I can add for example the correct twitter addy of the one whom I am sharing.

I can send it immediately… just like I am used to in the HootSuite application but I can also schedule it.

When scheduling I can choose time and date as I am used to via HootSuite or use the new “Auto Schedule” function.

It says:

“HootSuite will AutoSchedule your message for optimal impact”.

Sure I had to try it. Set up some messages with  AutoSchedule and then hopped over to HootSuite to figure out. Surprise: one was set up for 7:30, the next one for 8:20 and another one for around 11 am. Really, different times.

And yes I am so happy with my new add-on.

HootSuite rocks, but Hootlet is even better.

Guess you all would like to have a look at the post I was sharing in this little session. Please hop over to my dear friends fro Carolina HeartStrings and enjoy the fantastic biscuits Tammie’s grandma Mimi used to bake 🙂

What web tool makes your day?


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2 thoughts on “Top for Helz: Hootlet

  1. OMG thank you, Helen! I have had the Hootlet on my chrome bar for several months now and dont’ use it! LOLz … DUH but I did today with your post 🙂 and I LOVE the auto scheduler! So much nicer than buffer!

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