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Recently I checked one of my favorite fonts sites again: MyFonts. It is a very usefule site. You can upload pictures of logos or other text pieces to figure out the very font of the text. But you can also search for fonts according to tags.

Now and then we have chatted about logos and what fonts we might like for our logo. Sometimes not easy to decide, but choosing by tag might help. So here are some examples, how a certain brand-name looks like, when using different fonts.

My tags have been
art – artdeco –  avant gard – classic – clean – commercial – computer – conservative – cool – elegant – feminine – formal – geometric – informal – innovation – invitation – modern – retro – technical – techno – vintage.
I am presenting about 50 fonts out of 41,000 I have stored on my HD.
I marked the tags for each font and show you an example:

When looking for a font for “Helz-Design” I wanted something feminine and somewhat elegant.

Figure 1

If I had to choose from Figure 1 … my favorite would be “Anna”

Figure 2

Figure 2 … my favorite is “Bickham Script”.

Figure 3

Figure 3: Charme would be the one …

Figure 4

Figure 4: I always liked Copperplate, but I don’t think it would represent my brand.

Figure 5

Figure 5: Kaufman or Künstler Script … I think the later one is more elegant.

Figure 6

Figure 6: Marlowe is a very interesting font, guess I should have a closer look at it later, but Monterey would be Helzie’s font for her logo.

Figure 7

Figure 7: Quilt would be the font of choice.

Figure 8

Figure 8: Van Dijk is my number 1 from this figure.

Figure 9

Figure 9: My final choice has been Zapfino, although I choose it before I made up this little comparison.

Laying out the name in the fonts you like, helps to make up your mind.

What is your number 1 from the 9 images? Leave me a comment!


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11 thoughts on “Font Comparison

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  2. It’s amazing how a font can totally change the feel of the printed word… So important in marketing and logo design!

    • it amazes me all the time
      and i guess it is a strong argument for al those people who claim:

      i don.t need different fonts

      fonts express and transport feelings

      • I remember an old IBM Selectric typewriter at work. My favorite thing was being able to change that ball that had the font style on it. I think I’ve always been a closet font junkie – just didn’t know it til I met you, lol.

        • we had a mechanical typewriter in my dad.s office, no font ball to change, but i liked the different stencils my dad use to have, with fonts and also with electrical symbols … my dad was an electrician.
          i am happy with font jukieness, as long as you won.t call me your bad influence ;D

  3. This is just what I’ve been looking for – I spent the whole day yesterday playing with fonts for my new Coloring The Wind project. The idea is to put together inspirational words and pictures for posters … and each of the poems will require its own characteristic font – capturing and reinforcing meaning. MyFonts looks like a terrific resource – thank you.

    • i sped the whole day making up my little table … comparing fonts, checking if they are available etc.
      your project sounds interesting … would like to hear more about it.
      myfonts is better than a shoe shop for girls ;D

      • I’m blogging the whole story of the project – which aims to create a business from zero to profitable in 30 days – at the HROomph site. There’s a digest of the posts so far here – http://bitly.com/bundles/hroomph/1 – we’re up to day 13 today.

        Within a few days I’ll be launching the new site … and you’ll be able to see how I’m trying to use fonts to strengthen the message in the words and poems. With your interest in fonts, I’d love to have your input. Let’s stay in touch.

        • guess i will need your knowledge then … markteting etc. … since i am struggling quite a while now.
          so you are one from the challenge guys … i have done the facebook challenge and the blogging challenge so far 🙂
          thanks for the following and we will def. stay in touch!

  4. Santa fe seems to jump out at me 🙂

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