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Today is a special day … this blog celebrates its birthday today. One happy year of blogging. At the beginning I used to blog both in German and in English. But during the year I skipped German. Not really, I still talk German, but blogging mainly happens in English.


Due to statistics I realized that most of my  readers are from English speaking countries. Makes sense, right?

This is the little article with which the whole show started: Hello.

What happened during the last 365 days of blogging?

I wrote 371 posts … excluding this one. Makes about 1.01 post per day. Not bad. Compared to the rules of the Ultimate Blog Challenge I am on a permanent blogging challenge since July 23 2011. Btw. by the moment I am on my 4th UBC, last 3 challenges have been managed perfectly.

It was a good choice attending the challenge again and again.
During each challenge I meet wonderful people. Some of them have become friends, have to mention Ruth Seba of Seba Silver again. Without this blog and without the challenges I wouldn’t have met her.

So many wonderful people, so many wonderful comments on the blog … 1255 all in all.
Top commenters are:

  •  Knity

But there are also so many many other wonderful comments. Thanks everybody for the lovely and kind words, for each thought, much appreciated and very helpful.

I would like to mention Melissa Barham, Michelle Shaeffer, Michele Taylor, Angelika Davey, Jennifer Boykin, Nikki Pilkington, Patricia Gozlan, Wendy Wise, Nicole Bandes, Sharon Howard, and so many many more and each day introduce me to new people and new thoughts.

To speak more statistically there are 24 categories by now, I swept a bit through recently and reduced the number of categories. And I have used 758 tags so far.

Most of all, the blog has got 8,253 hits in total. Makes nearly 23 hits per day.

Yesterday at 11pm we had had 26 for the Sunday.
The busiest day was October 24 2011 … the day when Knity found out about the blog and made her way through it. Thanks dear :).

Another very busy day has been on Juy 11 2012 … 80 hits for the game. Was really much fun.

Busiest month so far: April 2012 (a blog challenge month) with a total of 1,186 hits. The current month is so far at 762 hits, which is much more than July 2011 with 184 hits.

Not bad I think. And we are working to make it even better.

My favorite posts:

Now and then I like to do a little wrap up and mention again the most commented posts or the ones with the most hits etc. But today blog and me are celebrating and I like to show you some of my favorite ones again.

  • All the wonderful Interviews we  did so far on Helz-Design
  • A reminiscence to my favorite font Bauhaus … great article by Alessa
  • Hopping over to Sharon’s place with an article
  • Last but not least … my all time favorite … Font Friday

Meanwhile this blog has got some wonderful sisters:
my business websites in German and English
a photoblog City Life Picture … an international project together with Michèle Taylor, Ruth Seba and Dianne Jones
and the Circle of Sisters … another international project with women all around the world … by the very moment mostly with Dianne Jones and me.

It was a terrific year and I am looking forward to another terrific and exciting year.

The adventure goes on … see you all tomorrow

Happy Birthday Blog

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12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog

  1. Thanks for the mention and congratulations – here’s to the next 12 months!

  2. A birthday present for you – the Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award at

    • thank you dianne … i am touched 🙂 and will come back to the FBRA on wednesday … as a post for women.s wednesday 🙂
      love it

  3. This is a really neat birthday post! Congrats on making it this far! I really like seeing how many posts you’ve made as well as your favorite posts. As a new reader, I’m going to have to stop by those and check ’em out!

    I’m closing in quickly on a year and it’s amazing how time flies! I may take some of the ideas you used here and make them my own when the time comes to celebrate my one year anniversary of Suburban Style Challenge.

    • let us know about your birthday post suburban 🙂
      will check your site out and thanks so much for stopping by.
      yes time flies amazingly quick
      i enjoyed every minute in blogging the past year 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Helen. One year is a wonderful achievement, when it’s so easy to lose heart somewhere along the way. I’ve heard it takes about 21 days to set a habit firmly, and you seem to be pretty solid by now. Way to go!

    • thank you robbie
      not sure about the habit setting, blogging is something i like and now and then i skip a day or two, other days have been feed doubled 🙂

  5. Well done! Happy Birthday blog! Congratulations Helen! I’m singing as i write this ( perhaps it’s a good job you can’t hear me :)) An awesome achievement. I look forward to the continuation and here’s to the next year 🙂

  6. Congratulations Helen!
    What a wonderful achievement and so much content. I hope you will continue the daily blogging by signing up to the Blogging Olympics and Small Business Olympics!
    Best wishes for many more successful years!

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