Fabulous Blog Award

I am spoiled. I got it twice … this week.

Thanks to Dianne and Shawn for passing me this wonderful ribbon.
Dianne and Shawn are two wonderful ladies whom I would love to award this prize too, but they got it already. Thanks again ladies, much much appreciated. I am really touched!

As usual there are some rules to follow:

Thank the blogger who awarded you the ribbon … done with pleasure.

And handle the tasks formatted as headers below:

Name five fabulous moments in your life:

The birth of my son.

Being on a student exchange in Massachusetts when I was 17.

Founding my own company.

Learning so much new every day … yes that’s an ongoing moment I know.

The ability to write and have this blog.

Name five things that you love:

My son

My cats … do they count as 2?

My friends



The ocean and the wind in my hair.

Name five things you hate:

War for sure


A certain stupidity and unwillingness to learn


To hot weather … when the temps are hotter than 28°C or 82 F (today we got 90F)

Pass the award to five deserving bloggers

I would love to pass it back to Shawn and Dianne and to some of them they mentioned!

Caylie of BetterLifeBetterBusiness

Melissa of Barham VA

Kimberly of Blogging with Gypsy

Ruth of SebaSilver

Jennifer of LifeafterTampons


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10 thoughts on “Fabulous Blog Award

  1. Echo echo echo of Shawn. Love your helpful blog posts, thanks for passing award my way. Hope to get back to blogging soon and now have a good re-introductory launch.

  2. thank you so much, Helen! I am working on paying this forward … will be up by this weekend!! YAY congrats on the 1 yr blog birthday and for getting this awesome reward twice! Woot!

  3. Great post and congratulations

  4. Oh wow! Thanks Helen! Much appreciated. Now to answer those questions ;o)

  5. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    You are so good you got it twice. That doesn’t surprise me you are always helping others out and now you can see how special people think you are.

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