Top Thursday … I am melting away

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It is Top Thursday and I really have no ideas what to blog about.

Probably because Germany is suffering hot weather for a couple of days. Before Monday everybody was moaning about the cold and the rain … my son told me he was freezing and he expected me to switch on the heating. Heating in the middle of July, no way.

Nobody is talking about heating since Monday, we have temps up to 31°C/87F and more. No, that is not my top temperature.

I like it a bit colder, 25°C / 77F is my favorite temperature. And I prefer a little wind in my hair.

Even the cats are suffering; they have both occupied my desk and are laying there in a very comatose way. Yesterday I found them both in front of the fan.

So lets wait until Sunday, when it gets colder again.

What is your favorite wheather?


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10 thoughts on “Top Thursday … I am melting away

  1. I think we hit 104F here today, and are expecting hotter over the weekend, so 87 sounds like an absolute cold front!

    But, I have to ask @knittinggalore, where are you that it’s 129F? Jeez, that’s got to be unbearable!

    • by the moment 82F … but it is all relative.
      berlin and germany is not the city and country which is famous for tropical weather.
      so i don.t want to feel guilty coz other cities and countries have higher temps and don.t complain.
      when i grew up weather was not that hot and i am not used to it.

  2. Oh 80s sounds wonderful! 54 /129F here but we did have a little breeze today

  3. I’d take your high 80’s and trade some 100+ days like we are having here in Texas USA!

  4. codiart on said:

    Hi Helen, so no blogging today???

    • just a minute dear … it is font friday … do you think i will skip the chance to “torture” my readers with some fonts 😆

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