Shake the Graphic … Don’t Stir it

We recently talked about mixing fonts. I still advice you to mix fonts carefully, always think about your reader. Usually we want out texts to be read, and therefore we will always choose the main-paragraph font very carefully and add a matching font to it, if necessary and desired.

Last week I provided you some font tags. You have been able to see how a single word seemed to change when we changed the font.

Wrapping this together with the mixing of fonts and some graphics dealing with quotes, I want to encourage you to play around a bit … now and then. Always use your fonts carefully. Although we like them and we want to show them, we don’t have to show them all at the same time.

Today I prepared a little quote by Albert Einstein. I really like him, he is such a brainy guy and sometimes he dares to tell the world some naughty thoughts which really hit the nail!

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy, am I or are the others crazy?”

Good question Sir.

I just want you to observe.

Just the plain quote in plain Helvetica Roman.


This time I used Bauhaus Light and switched some words to Bauhaus Heavy, I even changed the font-size for the heavy words. You see you get a different emphasis.

Eurostile + GoldenGate … emphasized different words, which makes the quote look completely different. As if the meaning has changed.

My final and favorite one: Bauhaus + KlunderScript. The last font looks a bit crazy on its own, and so it strengthens the word “crazy” even more. I also chose a slightly crazy color …


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4 thoughts on “Shake the Graphic … Don’t Stir it

  1. I like graphic #1… and that from a blogger who writes in color and likes to vary text…or font…

  2. Love the last one too 🙂

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