Have a tea in the garden


Today I invite you for a cup of tea in the wonderful garden of Schönbrunn Palace.

Isn’t this a lovely garden with a lovely architecture?

I came across this little germ inside the big garden of the huge palace when walking around with my son in 2005.  As far as I remember this special part was used by a prince who had direct access from his living room to this garden.

Never mind, I just love the view through the little arches and I can imagine having a little table with some chairs right in the middle of the garden and the table is laid with lovely earl grey tea and some delicious tea cakes.




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3 thoughts on “Have a tea in the garden

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  2. A nice English afternoon tea would be lovely sat in this garden 🙂 even though I prefer coffee 🙂

    • i don.t mind if you have a good cup of coffee … vienna has lovely coffee as far as i have been told.
      some nice scones and cake 🙂 yumm

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