National Day of Friendship

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When I went home by metro train I had to wait at “Gesundbrunnen”, a metro station in Berlin. “Gesundbrunnen” is one of these stations that offer “Waiting-TV” … you can’t call it differentl. They entertain you with ads, cartoons and little news while you are waiting for the train.

One clip said: “Today is National Day of Friendship” … never heard of that. Quite interesting what kind of national days we celebrate now and then.  But friendship is something very special.

It has been an exhausting day for me. My whole body was aching when I came home. But I was lovely intercepted in a nearly 2 hours phone call with a special friend. It didn’t take away the body pain but it made it to be more bearable.

I consider myself pretty happy having so many lovely friends all over the world. I don’t mind whether they are just blogging friends, facebook friends, forum friends, school friends, friends from college, friends from sewing class, friends I know on  the phone, friends I know via email or friends I know because they live just around the corner … they are all friends of my heart.

Friends are the family I am able to choose.

Happy National Friendship Day



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6 thoughts on “National Day of Friendship

  1. Happy INTERnational Friends day! So glad we have met.
    Alessa & Tammie

  2. Glad there was a friend handy today to make your long day more pleasant.

    And, the good part about having friends all over the world is that you can have more than one Friendship Day; here in the States, it’s the first Sunday in August, so that one’s still to come. 😉

  3. Friends do take the ache! Celebrate your friends.

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