4 Easy Steps to Tweet a Picture

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Lately I chatted with my friend Shawn of “The Odd Couple Blog” about a family event and she told me that she wasn’t able to tweet  a picture. Right that moment I thought: “We need to change that”. And it is easy to tweet pictures. Just as easy as to tweet.

1. Go to your twitter account.

Click on the right side on the symbol for “New tweet.”

The “Compose Window” will open. You can add some text for your tweet.

2. Click on the Camera symbol below the text field.

After you clicked there, another window will open to give you the opportunity to search for the picture on your hard drive.
Choose the picture and click “Open” and the picture will be added to your tweet.

3. Tweet the Picture

It will look as you see below. Grey Camera-Symbol changes to blue and you see part of the picture above the symbol. Now hit “Tweet” and you have successfully tweeted a picture.

4. Check the Tweet

Go back to your main window. You will see the recently tweeted picture on the left side underneath the healine “Recent images” and your tweet includes a special link “pic.twitter.com/…” = a link to view the photo.

Extra tip: Picture tweeting via Hootsuite

Open your Hootsuite-Dashboard and start preparing a message. Then click on the little “Clip-Symbol” below the message, above the send-button.

Facebook users will be familiar with the area that opens after you have hit the clip.

I think it message is self telling: Upload a photo.

Click and  you will be able to search your hard drive again.

The clip changes as well to blue and you see a little preview of your picture. Hit send and you are done.

Happy picture tweeting.

Send me pix via twitter.


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2 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps to Tweet a Picture

  1. Thank you! I learn so much from you. You should see a pix of my beautiful daughter in your twitter log.

    • i love to figure out how stuff works and it makes me happy to share … yes it wokred, saw a picture of your lovely daughter and her lovely bridesmaids 🙂 thanks so much 🙂

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