Work in Balance with Mindfullness

Graphic Design is a working niche where people tend to exploit themselves. Some people, who are employed, work pretty long hours. Not the usual 8 hours per day, they use to work 10, 12 or even more hours. Some have been found sleeping a while underneath their desk. They stopped working at 3 am in the night but had to go to a customer at 10 am in the morning, so why bothering going home?

It is a curse in modern working system that there is usually to much work for to few people. Not talking about the wages.

And self-employed graphic designers are sometimes even worse.

I am not offering a recipe how to get rid of these bad habits.

I am just spreading some thoughts, some impulses to think about the issue.

Recently we hear more and more people talking about Work Life Balance. People become more and more aware that there is a life beside work. A life that is worth to be lived. But how to find a good balance?

I think a good balance differs from person to person and can’t be measured in hours. If you love what you are doing for work, your work has a different impulse on your life than if you are just working to pay the rent.

I love what I am doing so I sometimes tend to forget the hours. But usually it won’t stress me, since I have learned to include leisure time in my schedule too. I include time to see friends, I include time for family and I also try to include time for myself.

I think one of the keys to a good work life balance is mindfulness or awareness. Keep an eye on yourself and on the ones you love. Just be aware of your own limits. Don’t step over your limits, listen to your body, listen to your soul … and also listen to the ones you love.

Try to see beauty in life, enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon, enjoy a cup of tea or a piece of cake, enjoy the smell of a flower, the color of the blossom, enjoy life.

You don’t live to work. You work to live.

 What do you think? How do you gain balance between work and life? How aware are you of the little traps?


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