Let’s talk techy!

What do they mean when they say?

I know my blogging has been a bit lazy the past couple of weeks.

I am awfully sorry for that. There have been some reasons: personal issues, health issues and business issues.

I had the pleasure to layout a diploma thesis for a student. Quite a challenge since the schedule was more than tight.

When doing the final corrections for the thesis, before sending it to the printing shop, I realized that it is time! Time for a little glossary with the words of my world.

Ever wondered what it means when we talk about font size, point, slug, interleaf, indentation, proof, double line pitch …?

So stay tuned in.

Saturday September 1st…
first day of the glossary!

Light behind the terms you never dared to ask what they mean.


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11 thoughts on “Let’s talk techy!

  1. What a great idea! Look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Sweet! I look forward to reading the meanings of those words and their uses 🙂

  3. Sounds good! I’m not a bit techy so looking forward to learning 🙂

    • reason is: to understand each other better 🙂 so it is not that techy … and there will be no exam afterwards … ok maybe just one for roy ;D

  4. Oh, goody. I love when my vocabulary and vernacular get exercised!

    • somehow i have the feeling that you know everything already … but i can teach you the german terms ;D too

  5. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Really really looking forward to this, Helen. Great idea! My blogging – and whole social media activity – has also been sparing over the last few weeks – sometimes it happens. Personally, I think it’s better I blog only when I have something to say!!

    • sometimes it gets a bit sticky.
      i always have the feeling i have something to say, but sometimes i just can.t force myself to write *shame on me*

      hope you won.t be disappointed!

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