Tweeting with one Click … 4 easy Steps


Another cool tool straight from the web to the world of blogging. My friend Ruth Seba came across it when reading the blog of another blogging friend Jennifer Boykin.

Thanks ladies for making me aware of it.

It is so easy to handle.

1. Just go to their website:


2. Enter your text into the textbox, don’t forget to add your twitterhandle like e.g. @HelzDesign

enter text

3. Generate link

4. Copy the generated link, write a little text in your post and link it with the copied link.

Tweet this post with just one Click.

Happy link generating and happy tweeting.


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4 thoughts on “Tweeting with one Click … 4 easy Steps

  1. I already have twitter set up in my Outlook and TweetDeck. Between the two, I can get my tweets out in a heartbeat (remember- it’s only 140 characters)- on one, two, or all three of my accounts.

    • personally i am the hootsuite lover 🙂 together with hootlet just one click for many social media devices 🙂
      but i love to learn new stuff and if a friend wants to know about something, lets do the research 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot Helen, another great tip with easy to follow instructions – guess I should try it now…. back to the blog 😉

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