Happy without Meat

Today is World Vegetarian Day. I like it. I am among those 10 % Germans who live vegetarian.

I am living the vegetarian live style for over 13 years now and I am not missing anything.

A couple of years I lived even vegan, which means not only no meat … and yes ham and sausages are meat too. It also meant no milk, no cheese, no honey, no leather … nothing that has been taken from animals.

I have to confess I am not that strict anymore. I had to add milk and cheese to my diet but I avoid honey as much as possible and I am not wearing leather at all. These days you can get so many lovely shoes without leather; there is no need for that.

Why vegetarian?

Every vegetarian has her own reasons. Mine have been quite simple. I never liked meat that much. There have never been cold cuts in my fridge for a quick dinner. My mom used to make a roast each Sunday. I usually took as few as she allowed me to take.

No, meat was not made for me.

Ok I used to eat sausages or burger. Those are stuff where you usually don’t realize that it is made from animals. It looks so disguised.

So one day, it was on Good Friday 1999 I decided that I don’t want to eat that stuff anymore. I have to admit: I don’t miss it at all.

I felt much more energy in my body after making the switch.

Scaring People

My lifestyle scares some people. They don’t know how to deal with it.

At first some friends actually asked me what kind of stuff I am going to eat.
Are you eating schnitzel? – No, coz schnitzel is made of pigs, so it is meat, and I don’t eat meat anymore.
But you are eating beef? – Beef is made of cows which mean meat and I don’t eat meat.

What about ham? Sausages? Cold Cuts? –  All made of animals, so I won’t eat it at all.

After we went beyond the point what I am not eating anymore, the questions about what I am eating got asked. Most of these questions had been asked with a certain reproach and blame.

What (for heaven’s sake) are you going to eat?
Although they spared themselves to mention “heaven’s sake” but it was in their voices. You just can’t eat only veggies and potatoes?
What are you going to eat when you want something special, something special like roast deer?

Actually I don’t have any problems just to eat veggies and potatoes, and I never felt in my entire life the urge to eat roasted deer, not even in my meat eating past!

What do I eat?

To me it is not very complicated to live vegetarian.

People think that a proper meal needs meet in it, but they focus to much on the meat.

So nothing wrong with veggies and potatoes, you can do them as a wonderful stew.

I love casseroles. You can do anything in a casserole, add pasta and veggies and boom a lovely meal. I love veggie soups: these days are the time of the year for pumpkin soup. Great meal with some whole grain bread.

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Or lentil soup, or dhal, or baked cauliflower …

Today I had had some lovely mashed potatoes, red beans and a vegetarian fried sausage

Fruits, give me tons of fruits … I just love that.

And I am the pasta queen.

In 1999 Germany didn’t offer to many meat substitutes. So when I went to San Francisco in 2000 it was like vegetarian heaven. Meanwhile you can get really good “cold cuts” veggie-“burgers”, veggie-“sausages” or veggie-“meatballs”. The later ones are that great that they even fool my oldest cat!

I never regret going vegetarian.

Happy Veggie Day



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8 thoughts on “Happy without Meat

  1. There are lots of health benefits to eating without meat. I say I would miss it but believe I COULD adjust. Some of it is a cultural thing too. At least you don’t have to worry about genetically altered meat!

  2. I could definitely do without chicken because really it has no good taste unless you cover it with sauces and spices. You could cover veggies with the same sauces and spices 🙂 Many thanks for stopping by my blog, and for making a good example for being vegetarian.

  3. I’m not a vegetarian but I do not eat a lot of red meat, I don’t like chicken and it’s too risky to eat fish these days because of all the poisons. Red meat is no longer healthy as it has all sorts of growth hormones and antibiotics. We eat a lot of salads for dinner and I have an organic garden. I’m also a pasta queen Helen.

    • interesting that still so many people think that you need meat to stay healthy … they don.t give a thought of the unhealthy aspects of modern peat production.

      i am a little envy on your organic garden julia 🙂 must be awesome to grow your own veggies

  4. Awesome! I’m not vegetarian but almost never eat red meat, I do love fish and occasionally chicken… but I know I could really live just eating fruit and veg and pasta or rice.

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