What Graphic Designers do … Update

I won’t ask if you are missing me, trying to find myself again. I am not lazy, although I am not busy blogging these days.

Usually my blog posts are kind of elaborated, doing all the graphics I need for them. So please accept my apology that I am lazy in blogging while being busy working.

The last couple of weeks gave a brief over view of the work of a graphic designer, or at least of the work I am doing. Guess other graphic designers have different kind of working fields. And personally those week brought a warm feeling why I love my profession that much.

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Usually I try to work for one customer after the other, one task after the other. But there are periods in between where the customer is pondering over the work, adding corrections or changing the work. That gives time for serving another customer.

But there are some basics I do most times, depending on some facts.

  • Is it a well-known customer?
  • Did we do a similar job together?
  • Is it a new customer?
  • Did I do a similar job for another customer?


  • Well-known: I usually have a certain stock of not only experiences with the very customer but also a stock of material: fonts, logo, pictures  …
  • Similar job: we will not only relay on the stock of material we might also use a layout we have used before.
  • New: long research for material, ideas, fonts … the whole program, long hours for me.
  • Similar job different customer: maybe not so long hours than for a totally new task and customer, so have a look at the stock for the other task.


Here a brief summary of what kept me busy the last weeks:


A lovely customer runs a pub. I had done some flyer-ads for them and also created their menu.

Now I had to change the menu, which was not very difficult since we both knew what we could relay on.

The new flyer was made up similar to his brothers we did during the year.

I created a certain pattern based on a rhombus. This pattern was not only used for the flyer but for a banner I did later on. It is very easy to create such a pattern via Illustrator. As a vector program you can change the size of the pattern and it won’t lose any data.

The real big challenge for me was the new banner!

The size is 2 m x 0.50 m / 6.5 feet x 1.6 feet, the font size of the major headline was about 500 points. Standard book font is about 10–12 points, headlines about 14–20 points. So imagine the size.

If you do a flyer and the customer needs the print quicker as quick, you can easily find a printing shop with a 24 hours service; the customer has only to pay more than 3x times the fee as usual.

But the printing such a huge banner can’t be done in the copy shop next door. And it can’t be done in 24 hours service at least I don’t know such a printing shop in Berlin. But before sending it to the printing shop I had to send out several emails, inform the customer about prizes and production period and help to make the right decision. Then some phone calls with the production company to get the correct specifications.

Even if most printing shops published their specifications online, it is always nice to check it before sending the order. And the printing shop has a voice to connect it with the order.

All went well 🙂 and I am happy that we have been able to do this banner. You can see a bit of it in my blog-picture. It is white with lots of blue.


A big challenge and a total new experience was to make an e-book for a very new customer, a lovely customer.

We met now and then face to face, which was also nice.

The challenge? E-Books are somewhat different that books in paper. I had to research a complete new field. My customer wants the book to be published via Kindle. So bye bye to InDesign-Layout and bye bye to PDF as well, bye bye to all the nice stuff I like, like setting up a proper pagina with a little bit “chichi” around it. A “chichi” is a decorative element.

So I did a lot of reading: Amazon Publishing Guidelines, E-Book-Tutorials … after that I experimented with Word and OpenOffice, exported the result to html, installed Calibre, a program to convert html into a mobi-format, which you need for Kindle.

Didn’t make me really happy. Finally I took up my but and opened Dreamweaver and did the entire formatting of the book via html. More satisfying in this case.

E-Book or paper book, every book needs a cover!

This is a different process than programming a book via html.

I made different suggestions based on the first idea of the customer but later on we came around with something completely different.

Watch out this space, I will tell you when the book will be published which will be very soon.

Christmas Cards

Yes believe it or not, it is almost time for that.

We are in the midst of October and you should get busy too, if you need Christmas Cards, especially when you want a unique design. And it is always lovely to send a card to great customers to say thank you for a wonderful year of working together.

So one of my favorite customers asked me to do the design of their cards. I really love that work. We are still in the process, but the  time-consuming part is done. Knocking out the background of a photo is always very time-consuming, but worth to be done.

Btw. to make this part easier I am now proud owner of a graphic tablet. Really a great tool.

E-Book #2

The second e-book that crossed my way this month was a pdf-formated e-book.

The order was placed by a well-known customer so we relayed on material we had already made up. But it still took its time until we had done the final alterations and corrections. We made a wonderful upstate e-book, perfectly linked to customers website.

A few words on Corrections

It is necessary to read a book you did again and again, even if the book is just a flyer. Just keep in mind that every printed item, every web item: business card, letterhead, flyer, ads, banner, e-book, web content is the poster child of your business. So read it carefully, to make sure that it is correct. Especially phone numbers or e-mail addresses tend to have mistakes in it, transposed digits or other nasty stuff. We are so familiar with our own address, e-mail or phone number that we hardly realize the mistake.

So let somebody else read the text before you will send everything to me and then read it again before we will send it to the printing shop.-

WordPress Challenges

I am happy admin of several wordpress blogs. Or call me the technical girl behind it, the one who finds the solution for the problem the plugin update creates.

Yes I love that too although it is not the classical kind of work of a graphic designer. Nutit helps me to understand your world and my world better each day.


Finally I started my coaching.

I am just at the beginning, but she is the best coach I could find. Full of understanding for the crazy world of creative people.


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  1. Thanks for sharing how/why your various tasks are achieved.

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