How to do an E-Book

This is not the ultimate guide to do an e-book. I am pretty sure that there are more than just one method. And although I am now able to create e-books for e-book-readers I still prefer those lovely old-fashioned books which have been printed and which you can take in our hands, feel the paper, smell the paper and which or better who will develop their own character during the years.

Can you make an E-book?

To tell you the whole story from the scratch. In July a friend asked me if I am able to do an e-book. Sure, I can do an e-book. By that moment I was thinking of good old pdf-file. Those files we all have in hundreds on our sites to provide information to our friends, fans or customers. Same procedure, than for sending a book to the printing office. You just have to use another preset, lower resolution etc. Nothing complicated.

I really thought that the new customer just wanted a pdf-e-book. Ok, I placed my quota, which was accepted happily. I got the script as an openoffice-file. I got some pictures and the email-address of the customer. Read more


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