On the Wings of Friendship


Today I have to share some musings on friendship – so this is going to be very personal and not really business style and maybe more questions than answers. I would be very happy to get your opinions on it too.
I recently started to wonder about friendship in general and about friends in my life.

What makes a good friend? Who is the one who gets labeled best friend? How many friends do we need? What is the difference between a good friend, just a friend or an acquaintance? Is it necessary to have your friend sitting right next to you at least some times a week or a month or even a year or decade?

I have to admit that I am not already through with thinking and wondering.

To me it is a very charged topic.

They say that friends are the family you choose by yourself. That can be true, hopefully.

My real family is pretty small by the moment … actually just the son and me and the two cats (shhhh don’t tell them that they are adopted). Sure there is my sister living far away from me, but I have to admit that the relationship is somewhat difficult.

And there are friends.

Some are living very close but we see each other rarely. Maybe because one is working really her funky behind off – I really adore her for her way of dealing with life – or maybe because the friendship is no longer a real friendship, and no one dares to admit this. I am not sure.

Yes I like the fact that some of my friends tell me that they love me. It is necessary now and then. But in reality I stick more to the words “By their fruits you will know them!”

Sure I like it when a friend tells me that s/he loves me or likes me. Guess everybody loves that.

Fact is, I really like to deal with my friends, chat on the phone, exchange an email (or more than one) or have a cup of tea together while sitting in a nice café or explore the city.

Isn’t that what we all want to do with our friends? Being with them? Feel them close to us?

I have to admit I am somewhat lonely, especially at the weekend. (No pity please!) One of my inner circles is a family human, so no phone calls and no meeting at the weekend. Other friends are spread all over the world: Thuringia, Bavaria, Hamburg, Hesse, Great Britain, USA, New Zealand … the list is not complete.

Some people might claim that people living so far away from you can’t be friends, but same people claim that people who are much younger or older than you can’t be friends, they even say that you can’t be friends with customers or co-workers.

Actually I doubt that. Some people who are very close to my heart are living very far away and some could be my parents or my children … does it matter? Not really! They are all wonderful human beings.

By the moment I am quite happy that I have found some old friends or acquaintances again. I hate the word “acquaintances”, my tongue and my brain gets twisted by it. Is it really necessary to classify the person close to your heart?

There will be always the friend who shows up when you need somebody for a move, others will join you for a shopping spree. There are those whom you can call in the middle of the night because your lover has left you or you found out that your child is member of a cult.

And there are those whom you don’t dare to call anymore, because you think you are the one who is making their life miserable or at least more stressful.

Yes I am thinking these days a lot about friendship.

Your Turn:

What makes a relationship a great friendship?  

What is important for a good friendship?

Are we using the term “friend” to often?

Tell me about your experiences!

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