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Marketing … how to do?

Nobody who is working self-employed will ever have enough customers. It won‘t work. Just think about it. What are you going to do, when one of your lovely customers is still lovely but doesn‘t want to be your customer anymore? Yes, that‘s somewhat awkward. Read more

Marketing … und wie?


de sein will? Dann steht man echt doof da!
Also ist das Zauberwort: Marketing!
Marketing hilft Kunden zu gewinnen. Read more…

Dragonmaid and Dragonfire


There are outer and inner stories in a picture. It is easy to tell the outer story. Usually it is just a framework of thoughts and words. Words, that might have been a present.
To find a way to the inner story is not easy. You have to take a close look, listen to your heart when the picture starts to whisper softly.
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Es gibt äußere Geschichten und innere Geschichte hinter einem Bild. Die äußeren sind schnell erzählt, bilden sie doch oft nur ein Gerüst aus Gedanken und Worte, die einem manchmal einfach so geschenkt werden. Die inneren Geschichten erschließen sich nicht auf Anhieb. Man muß genauer schauen, auf sein Herz hören, wenn das Bild leise spricht. Weiter lesen

Workinghours and Self-employed people


Many people might think that a working hour of a self employed person is really expensive. For example, we at Helz-Design charge for a graphic-design hour 60 €. Yes, it is a lot of money, especially when a normal worker earns about 10 or 15 € per hour.

Normal workers tend to multiply the hourly rate of their handy man or graphic-designer with the usual working hours they have to spend in their job.

So on a 40 hours week they think, Helz-Design earns up to 2,400 € – how cool! Read more

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