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Wallpaper March


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Work in Balance with Mindfullness

Graphic Design is a working niche where people tend to exploit themselves. Some people, who are employed, work pretty long hours. Not the usual 8 hours per day, they use to work 10, 12 or even more hours. Some have been found sleeping a while underneath their desk. They stopped working at 3 am in the night but had to go to a customer at 10 am in the morning, so why bothering going home?

It is a curse in modern working system that there is usually to much work for to few people. Not talking about the wages.

And self-employed graphic designers are sometimes even worse.

I am not offering a recipe how to get rid of these bad habits. Read more…

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I call it awards week … dear me … I am spoiled and flattered.

Sometimes you get lovely words from places you never expected. Thanks so much to Jan Kearny from MyLocalBusinessOnline for this lovely award.

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Special Saturday: Dress to Success?

We all know constantly learning helps us to stay young. I love reading and learning, so at one of my recent trips to the library I borrowed some books about “Business Knigge” (about the way to behave in business) and about “Self-Marketing for Women”– sorry the books are all in German, now and then even me reads in my native language.

Both books dedicated chapters on the subject how to dress – for business.
I have to admit, dressing the right way and including my personality (and body) is quite a challenge in the size 0 society. But reading that is not only a challenge but a torture to me. Read more…

Special Saturday Solution


I am still thrilled how many people have been attracted by the little game I had set up on Tuesday. Amazing Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thanks a bunch for all the nice comments, thanks a bunch for all the lovely tweets and ReTweets.  Much much appreciated.

And now the solution. Read more…

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