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Musing Monday: E-Mail Etiquette

Maybe I should rename the musings on Monday to “Monday Rants” or “Provoking Monday”. Not sure.
I was wondering about this all week, not the renaming but how people deal with emails.
Usually all emails I get are nice and polite, so nothing to moan about that. Now and then some people – friends, colleagues, customers, human beings – ask me to do a job for them. A little translation, a little correction in a letterhead … just some minor stuff … which I like to do and respond to that quickly. The human at the other end gets informed that I am working on her/his job and that s/he will get the result ASAP. At this point they usually send me an email or sometimes a tweet to tell me how happy they are. Read more…


Time for another wrapp up twitter blog post.
I am using crowdboost to check who are my top retweeters.

Thanks so much everybody for the hard work… so much appreciated! Read more…

Commenting Issues with WordPress

No Fonts today … there are problems to be solved.
Since a couple of days my fellow bloggers aren’t hardly able to comment on my blog. This makes me sad. Our WordPress Guru Paul Taubman of I Need Help With WordPress (hop over and give him a like!) made me aware of a forums thread at WordPress.com.

They are discussing it up and down … 9 pages so far, while I am writing this.
It is not your fault, it is not my fault, nobody is too stupid to comment … WordPress has changed the commenting system … not for the better. Read more…

Tweeting my Thoughts … my Top10Twitter-Followers

Oh yeah  – let’s talk about my biggest social media pet peeves: TWITTER

Ok I am doing a bit better these days since I am using hootsuite, which helps me a lot getting some structure into the unfiltered sound of the chirping and tweeting of 140 characters maximum per message.

I am still eager to figure out with whom on twitter I have the most interaction.

Using tools like crowdbooster or twitter counter are nice but not very helpful in that regard – or maybe I haven’t found the button which answers my question.

So I set up my personal Top10-List, which is no ranking like every list. It is my twitter-chill-interaction (like the wind chill temperature in wintertime) – these are the twitter user with whom I feel the most interaction, people who really interact with me. Love that. Read more…

Facebook Pages will Timeline by March 30 2012

Yes some musings on the new timeline for facebook pages.
Some have already adapted, others will wait until the last minute.
If we like it or not … we all have to make the switch to new facebook timeline … even for fan, business, charity … pages.

You will need a new profile picture and a new cover picture. Read more…

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