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Wordless Wednesday – Flags

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Wordless Wednesday – The Eagle has landed

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I love Photoshop.
Really I am a huge fan of it.

Working with it for ages.
When I first started I could hardly align a picture.

Yeah that’s not to difficult, but in fact that was all I was able to do with Photoshop. And to erase pixels that shouldn’t be there.

Hard to believe, right?

I took my chance, got classes in Photoshop – cool teacher I got. 🙂
He told me that he could only teach us about 20% of the power of Photoshop.

Imagine: 20% in a 160 hours course.

Then I got the advice to practice and practice and practice.

It is all about doing, working with it, experimenting.

Since these days I am addicted to Photoshop and to tutorials.
So now and then I adopt a tutorial and follow the steps – like a recipe for a wonderful pasta sauce.
And like following a recipe I also start while working with the tutorial to change it a bit.
Choosing a different color, taking a different photo, establishing a different idea.

The avatars in the photo above are results of such tutorial tweaking.

Offered a whole new world for me.

You get ideas how to do it.

Maybe by the moment I hold 50% of the powers of Photoshop in my hand?


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A writer asked me to do an avatar.

It is difficult to express the personality on an area of 150 x 300 pixel.
Yeah that’s difficult – sometimes.

As usual I had to think about it, watch many many pictures.
Pictures I knew I wouldn’t use.

But I have to watch them.
To get inspired.
To get the flow.

All I knew was to make it simple, to express the idea of writing and to add blue – maybe.

Suddenly my mind was wandering in some of these old movies.
You know those with the very grungy detective.
Books and movies based on Raymond Chandler.

Detective is smoking, detective is drinking lots of whiskey.
Not that this very writer is addicted to those drugs, it was just my mind.

Overflown with images from the past.

Good and inspiring movies.

Typewriters, ink, paper.

Was quite easy then … adding the name on the paper, putting it on the keys, placing the ink stains in position.


Avatars (1)

Some of my friends on the Internet like my avatars.

I am subscribed to various forums and each forum has its own demand.

Today I show a sample of some avatar ideas. The girl who asked me wanted it very simple.
Name – name of the website.

The idea was to have this wonderful black-and-white pictures.
Plain, simple, lovely.

Now and then I played with an additional color.

A bit of purple, a bit of blue – nothing exciting.

Oh yeah and an eye on fire.

This was catching us.


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