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Um mal wieder in die Spur zu kommen


Ich könnte es Frühjahrsputz nennen, aber ich stehe nicht auf diesen ganzen Putzhype. Das macht mich echt müde und fertig, wenn ich höre: „Es ist doch Ostern, ich muß noch die ganze Wohnung putzen.“ Und wenn die Party steigt, liegen sie erschöpft und fertig in der Ecke und sind nicht in der Lage ein Stückchen vom Kuchen zu naschen.
Nein nicht mit mir. Mein Computer ist schon wohl geordnet, aber bei dem Rest hätte ich Nachbesserungsbedarf. Aber brauch ich das? Nicht wirklich. Weiterlesen


5 easy Steps … Blogging with Word


We all like a good structured post with some headlines.
So much easier to read!

Yes you can write your post in the entry-mask of your wordpress, and than add all the formats like headlines, colors, lists or quotes.

There is a much easier way to do it.

Just use the text editor of your trust … maybe Word or OpenOffice.
Extra bonus: whenever your wordpress might crash you will have all your posts stored on your hard disk – I know that you all do regular backups! Read more…

Right back on Track …

I am part again!

Part of this wonderful challenge and part of this wonderful supportive group of people.
Another month with a post each day to boost the blog traffic and shout out my message.
It is quite a challenge to write each day. I will stick to my blogging schedule but categories like “Wordless Wednesday” or “Silent Saturday” have to be tweaked a little bit. Read more…

Blogging via Schedule


Just a quick note on blogging schedules.

By end of February I decided to follow a blogging schedule. I even set up categories for different days – like today’s post is “TipTuesday”.

I have to recommend this for you.

My blogging-life is so much easier now following the schedule – I have many posts scheduled in advance.

And it is so much easier what to blog about.

I have my categories and I have a kind of blog-schedule to plan. (Click on link to get your free pdf).

You can use any good calendar too.


Commenting or not commenting?


… which is Top9Thursday

I love writing blog posts.
I also love reading blog posts.
And I for sure love to comment on blog posts.

But sometimes it is not that easy, kind of challenge …

Therefore a top list what keeps me from commenting on blog posts.  It is not meant as a ranking, just an observation.
I know that some bloggers have written about that too. Hope you don’t mind. Read more…

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