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Kitty Fonts

One of the strengths of Helz-Design is our quality controlling.

All outgoing products are carefully watched by our control-assistant Sunny.

You see success brings a happy smile to his face. Read more…

Top10Thursday or what I like about my Profession


Most of the day I am a Graphic Designer, but I also work as a Virtual Assistant, as an Office Assistant, as a Blog Administrator, as a Tutor, as a Mom, a Cat Carer … guess that’s not all I do during the day.

What do I like most about my profession?

  1. I love the creativity, I need to be a graphic designer.

  2. I love the quick change of tasks during the day and during the week.

  3. I love the great variety of tasks, the technical challenges.

  4. I love to work from home … at least most times.

  5. I love to work in the office of my customer … now and then.

  6. I love the change between working from home and working at my customers office … makes me go out, and now and then I am able to do some nice photo shooting for my other blog.

  7. I really love the fantastic people I am working for, the different ideas they stand for, the different characters … such a great mixture.

  8. I love the fact that some of my customers live in other parts of the world, and I love that other customer live here in Berlin … also a fantastic mixture.

  9. I love working with a Mac.

  10. Last but not least: I love that my cats are sometimes playing the so called “Desktop Cat”. – really a source of joy.


  • Being the one who sets the dress code

What do you love about your profession?

Drop me a line!

57 Things I have learned in 2011

I read this at the blog of Angelika Davey of Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation .
What a fantastic idea my dear.

Had to steal it and make up my own mind.
I was pondering a while ago about doing a review of 2011. And this is the perfect way. 🙂
Thanks to entrepreneursolo and Sarah Arrow , who both inspired Angelika. Read more…

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