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Winter Farewell

Finally it is gone, this long winter, which seemed not to end. I really can’t believe it. Sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing, the busses are delayed, and the trees are sprouting new leaves. Read more

A Range of Colors

I like to work with duotone pictures.

They have that certain touch. And I can influence that touch on my own.

How to do it?

Take any picture you like.

I took a picture I made in 2005 while being in Vienna.

It shows part of the garden of Castle Schönbrun.
Read more…

The Magic of Colors … Red

What a brilliant and glowing color!

The color that we usually connect with fire. So fire brigades are usually painted





H 350° L 48 R 193 C 0 Hexa#
S 100% a 75 G 0 M100 c1001f
B 76% b 55 B 31 Y 100  
      K 0  


Red is a very strong color and a warm color. A color that stands for energy and live!


The word red comes from the Old English word read. It can be traced to a Proto-European root reudh, and in Sanskrit the word ruhdira means red or blood.

The German word is rot. Read more…

The Magic of Colors … Fuchsia

This color with its vivid redish, pinkish shade is named after the plant:





H 315° L 41 R 161 C 25 Hexa#
S 100% a 71 G 0 M 100 a10078
B 63% b -14 B 120 Y 0  
      K 0  


A very magenta color with a slight shade of cyan in it or a redish color, which contains some blue. Read more…

The Magic of Colors … Dark Violet

A color that represents the harmony of universe in Chinese painting because of the nearly similar parts of Red and Blue – yin and yang:


Dark Violet



H 302° L 34 R 126 C 50 Hexa#
S 81% a 58 G 24 M 100 7e187a
B 49% b -27 B 122 Y 0  
      K 0  


A color which we also find quite often in nature.

Or didn’t a violet run through your mind, the lovely little plant with the heart shaped leaves? Read more…

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