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The Magic of Colors … Red

What a brilliant and glowing color!

The color that we usually connect with fire. So fire brigades are usually painted





H 350° L 48 R 193 C 0 Hexa#
S 100% a 75 G 0 M100 c1001f
B 76% b 55 B 31 Y 100  
      K 0  


Red is a very strong color and a warm color. A color that stands for energy and live!


The word red comes from the Old English word read. It can be traced to a Proto-European root reudh, and in Sanskrit the word ruhdira means red or blood.

The German word is rot. Read more…

The Magic of Colors … Fuchsia

This color with its vivid redish, pinkish shade is named after the plant:





H 315° L 41 R 161 C 25 Hexa#
S 100% a 71 G 0 M 100 a10078
B 63% b -14 B 120 Y 0  
      K 0  


A very magenta color with a slight shade of cyan in it or a redish color, which contains some blue. Read more…

The Magic of Colors … Dark Violet

A color that represents the harmony of universe in Chinese painting because of the nearly similar parts of Red and Blue – yin and yang:


Dark Violet



H 302° L 34 R 126 C 50 Hexa#
S 81% a 58 G 24 M 100 7e187a
B 49% b -27 B 122 Y 0  
      K 0  


A color which we also find quite often in nature.

Or didn’t a violet run through your mind, the lovely little plant with the heart shaped leaves? Read more…

The Magic of Colors … Purple

Most people will regard this color as being female. It is a very intensive color.

Some think this color should be called violet, others think it is:





H 273° L 27 R 86 C 75 Hexa#
S 69% a 41 G 38 M100 56267d
B 49% b -41 B 125 Y 0  
      K 0  


I think it is purple.

Purple comes, as all colors, in different shades. We will see some of them when we will reduce the value of cyan tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Read more…

The Magic of Colors … Turquoise-Blue

Although we said, that pure cyan can be called turquoise too, this color can also be called turquoise.


H 190° L 55 R 0 C 100 Hexa#
S 100% a –54 G 153 M 0 0099b7
B 72% b –33 B 183 Y 25
K 0

There is just a little shade of yellow inside, 25%. Just enough yellow to take away the pure coldness of pure cyan, just enough to have a little bit of warmness in this color. Read more…

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