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My favorite Graphic Tools

Welcome to another Top10Thursday.

Today I am going to share my favorite Graphic Tools with you, favorite programs and Internet resources.


First of all I love to work with Photoshop.
Nearly every graphic I have made so far has been made with Photoshop.
To me Photoshop is my canvas and the mouse is my color and brush.
We first met when Photoshop was quite young. It was called Photoshop 2.0 at that time. Now it is a big girl which is now called Photoshop CS 6 (13.0)

But I know that Photoshop is not the graphic tool for everybody, since it is a bit prizzy.
Therefore I would recommend Gimp to you too. I am not familiar with it – Photoshop you know J – but they say that it is similar to Photoshop in some ways and it is free. So give it a try!

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A wider Shade of Pink

Today we try to preserve our photos. Most pictures are stored digitally on hard drives, CDs, DVDs or where ever.

No chance for a proper photo to age and get that lovely yellowed tone.

Isn’t that a pity? Read more…

Welcome – Facebook and Fall

Thanks to Patricia Gozlan, prosperity coach and also motivation coach for kicking my behind a bit.

I love writing and blogging, but today I was just “I don’t want”.
But a blogging challenge is a blogging challenge is a blogging challenge ……

While we are talking – just check out Patricia’s wonderful blog.
Even if you don’t think you are the target group, there are so many thoughts we can use for our daily life.

This is a random blog with random thoughts. A bit of musing and meandering.
Mixed and blew up like the leaves in the garden.
Pretty cold outside, yes it is fall, autumn, Indian summer.
Ok skip the summer of Indian we will keep the Indian because of the colors.
I love those colors of the trees in fall. Read more…

Tension in Life

Yesterday i was exploring Berlin with a good friend.
It was a wonderful sunny day. One of the finest days of this summer despite the weather of the last couple of weeks.

Going back home i took the bus from main station to my little suburb.
This route shows a really nice part of Berlin.
You pass some of the administration buildings. Like the former east meets the former west.

The bus serves the middle class of Frohnau as well, as the blue-collar neighborhood of Wedding.

Close to the Ministry of Traffic i was smitten.
On the right the ministry building, granite slabs on the stairs, posh entrance made of glass. Very high classed.

Left side of the street, close to an apartment building. You could see the meadow from the ministry, and there it was: laundry on a clothes line: White bed sheets streaming.

This could only happen in the middle of Berlin.
These complements make life so exciting. It really spices living up.

And I have found the subject of the day
contrastive pairs
East – West
Old – Young
Warm – Cold
Politics –Citizens
White Collar – Blue Collar

Keeping this in mind, people would talk about contrasts.

Contrast is a word of Latin origin. It includes the words contra = contrary to; against and stare = to stand – so contrast is a “standing against” – roughly translated. I just had to realize that English is sometimes not very far away from Latin. Contra and contrary are so much alike.
Anyway contrast leads again to our contrastive pairs.

Contrast is very important in photography, you want your pictures looking brilliant.
And to be brilliant they need the right amount of contrast, which is the difference between the lightest dot of a photo (usually white) and the darkest dot (usually black).
If the difference is not big enough pictures tend to look a bit dull, not really blurred, but flat and low or poor in contrast.

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Hello everybody.

I am quite happy to be here.
Dang it was quiet a journey – but i finally arrived.

All over the day I have spent my time to figure out how to manage this blog.
I am not yet sure, if I understood everything – but i guess it will get better day by day.

This is a baby-blog – a blog, that is still under construction.
But this blog has a huge protector: the orange.

I am a graphic- and media designer, and I am going to talk about  interesting stuff. At least it is interesting stuff in my opinion. Stuff from the fields of graphic design, fonts, colors – not always orange – but as well photography or social subjects of the world.

I regard myself as a political girl. Therefore I love to poke my finger on social injustice, I am going to comment newspaper artikels or just babble about the world.

My mother tongue is German, but I also love to talk English – and since many of my friends are from the USA, Canada, Great Britain or Australia – yeah blogging will happen in English too.
Everybody should be able to understand – but please forgive my way of treating the English language.

If you are polite, feel free to improve me, if you can’t be polite, keep your critic.

Hope everybody is enjoy themselves as much as I do


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