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Commenting Issues with WordPress

No Fonts today … there are problems to be solved.
Since a couple of days my fellow bloggers aren’t hardly able to comment on my blog. This makes me sad. Our WordPress Guru Paul Taubman of I Need Help With WordPress (hop over and give him a like!) made me aware of a forums thread at WordPress.com.

They are discussing it up and down … 9 pages so far, while I am writing this.
It is not your fault, it is not my fault, nobody is too stupid to comment … WordPress has changed the commenting system … not for the better. Read more…

Commenting or not commenting?


… which is Top9Thursday

I love writing blog posts.
I also love reading blog posts.
And I for sure love to comment on blog posts.

But sometimes it is not that easy, kind of challenge …

Therefore a top list what keeps me from commenting on blog posts.  It is not meant as a ranking, just an observation.
I know that some bloggers have written about that too. Hope you don’t mind. Read more…

Leave a comment

I have to apologize for some inconvenience on this site and on the main site of helz-design.com.

Both sites are made with wordpress.

This one is hosted on the wordpress.com server, the other one is hosted on my server.

Since my mother tongue is German, I decide to use the German language package.
And here is the problem for my English speaking reader. The comment section is written in German.

I apologize for it, and I will do my best to tweak it one day.

For now I have a “picture walk through”.

While being on helzdesign.wordpress.com:

scroll down to the end of the article:


You see the orange words: “Hinterlasse einen Kommentar” –  click and comment

When at helz-design.com:


click to get the permalink,
scroll down again:

sent comment

Click “Leave a comment” or “Hinterlasse eine Antwort” (leave a reply) or just type into the blank field.
When finished don’t forget to hit the button “Kommentar abschicken” = sent comment.

Happy commenting!

Did you find this “tutorial” helpful?


I would like to tell you …

This morning I got a phone call from my best friend.
It was great 🙂 – I really enjoyed it.
Sometimes you feel so fed up by the world, and a chat like I had had with A. just grounds me.

Thanks again sweet heart. I really love talking to you.

We talked about this and that, it is like a journey with wikipedia, you click a link, and another one and again another one, and booom you really buffered where end up.

It is fun. Pure fun.
And to me the essence of communication.

My friend came up with an interesting thought this morning. She told me: “I really enjoy what you are writing, but I am not creative enough to comment.”

Oooops, do you really need creativity to comment?

I doubt it.
She is such a lovely girl to talk to, so intelligent, charming and full of inspiration. Read more…

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