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Finally I have layout a book for my customer or created a flyer. As we usually handle it today, I won’t print the work and send it via mail to my customer. I rather make a PDF-File and send it via e-mail. Everybody can read the PDF-file via Acrobat Reader for free. Read more

Top10Commented Blog Posts

A lazy review? I hope not. Sometimes it is nice just to browse the blog and see what worked best and what not.

What worked best are the posts that not only bring traffic, but also lovely comments and interactions.

So today I have a quick look into the posts with the most comments during the last months. Read more…

Top Commented Blog Posts Ever

Today’s ranking consists of the top commented blog posts on this blog ever.
I am very proud of them and I am proud and happy about your comments!
Fantastic job ladies and gentlemen.


Help the Commenter

9 Comments on “how to help our commenter to comment” Read more…

Help the Commenter

Last Thursday I moaned a bit about the pain of commenters.

The desire to interact, to communicate with the blogger, which is sometimes not really possible.

But it is easy for us bloggers to help our reader, our commenter to interact.

We all love the little checkbox “Notify me of follow-up comments via emailRead more…

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