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A word in English …

I am blogging …in English and in German.
Sometimes only in English or only in German.
But subjects that are close to my heart or are important for my business will be “honored” with a post in both languages.

How do I do it?

A couple of years ago I set up my first website.
I wrote the entire text in German and than I translated it.
The translation was ok, but not good.

The drive was missing. Read more…

Wie motiviere ich meine Motivation?

Ok, das wird jetzt kein Post darüber, wie man sich motiviert.
Euch dazu anzuleiten, bin ich nicht qualifiziert.
Ich kann euch Bildbearbeitungsprogramme bebringen oder Gestaltungsprogramme, aber das war es dann auch schon.

Ein Freund von mir wurde verdonnert einen Kurs zu machen.
„Selbst-Motivation und Selbst-Marketing“ – gesponsort von Vater Staat via JobCenter.

Gestern berichtete er mir, das die Trainerin die Teilnehmer so richtig triezen würde.
Alles erwachsene Leute, deren einziges Manko es ist, das sie keinen Job haben bzw. finden.
Einige hätte sogar schon unter Tränen den Raum verlassen. Read more…

How to motivate my motivation?

Oh no this won’t be a post how to do it exactly.
I am not a coach … at least no one on motivation. I can teach you image processing programs and media design programs … nothing else.

A friend of mine has to visit a motivation course. “Self motivation and self marketing” – sponsored by a German JobCenter.

He told me yesterday, that the teacher or coach in that very class is very strict with the students.
All grown up people.
Coach has asked them about their goals and blocks why they can’t reach their goals. Read more…

I would like to tell you …

This morning I got a phone call from my best friend.
It was great 🙂 – I really enjoyed it.
Sometimes you feel so fed up by the world, and a chat like I had had with A. just grounds me.

Thanks again sweet heart. I really love talking to you.

We talked about this and that, it is like a journey with wikipedia, you click a link, and another one and again another one, and booom you really buffered where end up.

It is fun. Pure fun.
And to me the essence of communication.

My friend came up with an interesting thought this morning. She told me: “I really enjoy what you are writing, but I am not creative enough to comment.”

Oooops, do you really need creativity to comment?

I doubt it.
She is such a lovely girl to talk to, so intelligent, charming and full of inspiration. Read more…

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