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How to do a Timeline-Cover: Princess in Training

I am going to play a bit with some quotes and fonts I think are appropriate for the very quote. My target is to create some more nice timeline-covers.

Basic is always to use the image-processing program of your choice, in my case Photoshop.
Timeline covers are 850 x 315 pixel, you need a resolution of 72 dpi, since we are going to produce for web. I usually start with a file which has a transparent background.

Today I play a bit with the quote: “Princess in Training” …going to make a lovely timeline cover for a girl.

After opening my file I choose a foreground color in the pink range … #c714dc. I chose the tool “gradient” and the so called “Angle gradient”

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Facebook Timeline Covers for you for free

Does your Facebook need a new dress?
So maybe here are some options for you.
You can download them for free … if you use them unchanged. Read more…

Plan with the Owl – Hootsuite

Are you a bit overwhelmed with all that Social Media stuff?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or the new kid on the block … Pinterest.

To many platforms want to be served. Promoting a lovely blogpost can become a pretty challenge depending on the number of platforms you have to think of.
Especially Facebook has too many different places right now … personal profile, business page, several groups … dear me … I have to confess: sometimes I am lost! Read more…

Facebook Pages will Timeline by March 30 2012

Yes some musings on the new timeline for facebook pages.
Some have already adapted, others will wait until the last minute.
If we like it or not … we all have to make the switch to new facebook timeline … even for fan, business, charity … pages.

You will need a new profile picture and a new cover picture. Read more…

Sharing and caring – what Web 2.0 is about

What is it about?

Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, dig, tumblr, google+ …

… user generated content.

That’s what we call Social Media these days.

People get connected.

The monolog of few becomes a dialog of many. Read more…

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