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Social Media Rocks – Meeting Ruth

As promised yesterday I am telling you about my fantastic meeting with Ruth Seba of SebaSilver.

Ruth is not the first girl, I have met on the Internet and later on met in person, but the first one I have met on Facebook.

Sometimes it happens that you spot a name in a group or on a friend’s page and you get attracted to that.

I was attracted by Ruth’s name when I entered the 30-Day-blogging-challenge group down in September 2011. Soonly we started to read and comment each other’s blogs.

Was fun.

Than we started to send private messages via Facebook, emails and we also worked together.

Lovely interaction. Read more…

Social Media Rocks

… oh yes.

Although I have spent a fantastic day with Ruth Seba of Seba-Silver in Berlin, I won’t tell you about it. Not today.
Stay tuned in for tomorrow.

Today I have to tell you about a little star.
A star, that came to my house.
It is blue, and its edges are silver. Read more…

Welcome – Facebook and Fall

Thanks to Patricia Gozlan, prosperity coach and also motivation coach for kicking my behind a bit.

I love writing and blogging, but today I was just “I don’t want”.
But a blogging challenge is a blogging challenge is a blogging challenge ……

While we are talking – just check out Patricia’s wonderful blog.
Even if you don’t think you are the target group, there are so many thoughts we can use for our daily life.

This is a random blog with random thoughts. A bit of musing and meandering.
Mixed and blew up like the leaves in the garden.
Pretty cold outside, yes it is fall, autumn, Indian summer.
Ok skip the summer of Indian we will keep the Indian because of the colors.
I love those colors of the trees in fall. Read more…

What I like about Facebook

Today I have to break a lance for Facebook.
No I am not addicted. No way.

I just like it.
Started with myspace a couple of years ago. Was fun, too.
Sure, there have been more possibilities to tweak the layout at myspace.

But usually you never knew who the other one really was.

Ok, some might argue that you can’t know it at Facebook too.
But there is this real name policy. Usually I love my anonymity, but this is different.

I like the idea having my friends and family on one hand and my business on the other hand.
That’s fantastic.
I can manage both at the same time.

Usually I just add people as friends I know in a certain way.
Some from forums I use to frequent.
Others are off-line life friends too.
Some people I met in groups for business affairs like the 30 day challenges by Nikki Pilkington. We got to know each other. So I can tell a story about everybody. Read more…

500 Jelly Bellies

Helz-Design has its own Facebook page.

Tonight at Sept 2 2011 Helz-Design has 67 fans.

Lets play for 500 fans.
Just like Helz-Design at Facebook and have the chance to win a bag with 500 Jelly Bellies.

The moment we got 500 fans I will publish a special email-addy.
By writing a mail you will have the chance to take part in the lottery for a bak filled with 500 sweet and yummy jelly bellies.


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