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Shake the Graphic … Don’t Stir it

We recently talked about mixing fonts. I still advice you to mix fonts carefully, always think about your reader. Usually we want out texts to be read, and therefore we will always choose the main-paragraph font very carefully and add a matching font to it, if necessary and desired.

Last week I provided you some font tags. You have been able to see how a single word seemed to change when we changed the font.

Wrapping this together with the mixing of fonts and some graphics dealing with quotes, I want to encourage you to play around a bit … now and then. Always use your fonts carefully. Although we like them and we want to show them, we don’t have to show them all at the same time. Read more…

Font Comparison

Recently I checked one of my favorite fonts sites again: MyFonts. It is a very usefule site. You can upload pictures of logos or other text pieces to figure out the very font of the text. But you can also search for fonts according to tags.

Now and then we have chatted about logos and what fonts we might like for our logo. Sometimes not easy to decide, but choosing by tag might help. So here are some examples, how a certain brand-name looks like, when using different fonts. Read more…

Kitty Fonts

One of the strengths of Helz-Design is our quality controlling.

All outgoing products are carefully watched by our control-assistant Sunny.

You see success brings a happy smile to his face. Read more…

Drop that Line over the Counter

fontfriday, graphic design, helz-designToday I would love to talk to you about fonts in general.

You all know by now, that fonts can be classified into major systems. We have serif fonts, we have grotesques or san serif fonts, we have slab fonts, we have script fonts and we have dingbats and we have something I would call fun fonts.

But all fonts have something in common, even dingbats, although they don’t come along with letters but signs.

All fonts are aligned at a kind of typographic line system. Read more…

10 Fonts, 10 Places, 10 Bridges

There fonts that have the same name as place: Berlin, BerlinSans, Berliner, Frankfurter, Gettysburgh, Monaco …
So I have chosen 10 fonts out of 500 I guess, I have found pictures of the places or cities they seem to represent and I have decided to show bridges, that can be found in Berlin, Miami, Minneapolis or Dallas.
So enjoy 10 Fonts of 10 Places and the very bridges.

BerlinSans – Berlin
Swinemünder Bridge

Grafik Design Berlin

© Helen Bogun / Helz-Design

Read more…

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