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4 Easy Steps to Tweet a Picture

© piu700 @pixelio.de

Lately I chatted with my friend Shawn of “The Odd Couple Blog” about a family event and she told me that she wasn’t able to tweet  a picture. Right that moment I thought: “We need to change that”. And it is easy to tweet pictures. Just as easy as to tweet. Read more…

Top for Helz: Hootlet

A transatlantic think-tank made up their minds recently. Melissa Barham of Barham VA posts about her favorite WordPress and web tools this month. So while commenting her blog I suddenly knew my top item of this week. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to introduce you to HootSuite, THAT social media hot tool for making life so much easier.

And they made my life much more easier this week. When logging into HootSuite last Monday I was asked if I would like to install a little add-on called Hootlet. Read more…

Plan with the Owl – Hootsuite

Are you a bit overwhelmed with all that Social Media stuff?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or the new kid on the block … Pinterest.

To many platforms want to be served. Promoting a lovely blogpost can become a pretty challenge depending on the number of platforms you have to think of.
Especially Facebook has too many different places right now … personal profile, business page, several groups … dear me … I have to confess: sometimes I am lost! Read more…

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