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57 Things I have learned in 2011

I read this at the blog of Angelika Davey of Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation .
What a fantastic idea my dear.

Had to steal it and make up my own mind.
I was pondering a while ago about doing a review of 2011. And this is the perfect way. 🙂
Thanks to entrepreneursolo and Sarah Arrow , who both inspired Angelika. Read more…


I love reading. I wouldn’t say that I read everything. That would be a bit too much.
My favorite books are mystery stories and thrillers. I like the tension.

Recently I find myself reading more and more specialist books.
After having been to the local library I found a book on PHP4 on my desk. I am really looking forward.

Kind of reminiscence to my college years, for some years I have been a psychology minor, and my mind was wide open for women’s lib ideas, I am searching for books with sociological and psychological background.

I brought more than a handful back home. Read more…

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